Neurology Hospital in Jaipur

EHCC (Eternal Health Care Center) is an exclusive neurosciences hospital, situated in Jaipur. It is usually recognized as EHCC hospital. The hospital has over two year of know-how in the healthcare sector, offering excellent health care and priceless experience, supported by a team of skilled and devoted medical experts. EHCC is the best neurology hospital in Jaipur.

Neurology Consultant In Jaipur

At EHCC’s Neurology consultant department, we offer inclusive evaluation, examination, and follow-up to everyone with multifaceted neurology disorders. Supported by skilled experts in pediatric and adult neurology, our program provides high-end laboratory services, Neuropsychology diagnostic testing, equipped, state-of-the-art ECG, MRI, and much more facilities. We are the best neurology consultant in Jaipur.

Neurology Doctors in Jaipur

Neurosciences and Neurology at EHCC Hospital are devoted to providing state-of-art health care, complete variety of neurological disorders and diseases. EHCC Hospital has the best neurology doctors in Jaipur, specializing in the sectors of the Neuro radiology, neurosurgery, neurology, and, Intervention neurosurgery, as well as skilled know-how nurses, and technicians to offer comprehensive examination and check-up of Neuro patients with perfection.

Best Neurologist in Jaipur

At EHCC Hospital, our devoted team of Neurologists treat and diagnose Neuro patients, as well as patients with a myriad of Neurological disease such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and other thousands of different Neurological disorders, some of which are severe, other of which may be chronic and ongoing. At EHCC Hospital, we’ve best Neurologists in Jaipur.

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